United Nations Speakers

Each year the GLC celebrates the UN Anniversary on or near to October 24th. We are honored to have representatives from the UN come to Wichita to share with us some of the many activities of the United Nations.





2014 - Alex Taukatch UN-DPI





2013 - Dr. Abraham Joseph UNEP





2012 Antonie deJong UNIFEM





2011 Dena Gudaitis World Hunger Program




2010 - Liv Tigerstedt Anti-Terrorism




2009 - Ari Gaitanis Peace Keeping




2008 - Donald Lee Millennium Development Goals




2007 - Kathleen Abdalla Sustainable Development




2006 - Brian Vitunic Central Asia Desk




2005 - Nancee Oku Bright Humanitarian Affairs




2004 - Ramu Damudaran Secretariat



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